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TFALC Blog: Learning Tools and Educational Tips

Critical Thinking is the process of evaluating and analyzing information in order to solve a problem most effectively and efficiently. Students with a weakness in critical thinking tend to think rigidly or in a disorganized manner. We Teach Critical Thinking Strategies At The Family & Learning Center, students are taught […]
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Many of our students began their new semester in January. It’s the perfect moment for a fresh start! Now is the time to revisit goals, celebrate the successes of the fall semester, and plan ways to end the school year on a strong note. Here’s 10 ways to start the new semester on […]
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How would you describe your child’s personality? Is he shy and stubborn? Is she hyper and cheerful? These characteristics are called temperament traits. Temperament traits are our innate emotional differences combined with our life experiences. They help mold our personality and influence how we react to different situations, relate to other people, and study […]
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Why worry about a study environment at home? We have all been in situations that made it hard to concentrate. Maybe the sounds of construction outside or text message alerts distract from our work. It’s the same for our kids. Here’s how to create a setting where your child can focus on […]
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