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Study Skills and Test Taking

We have yet to meet a student that was born knowing how to study or prepare for an exam. These are learned skills, and sadly, something many students are never taught in school.

That’s one reason why so many families lean on us for academic support.

Our Educational Coaches teach students how to study and how to prepare for tests using smart strategies and multiple modalities. With our help, students learn how to:

Study Skills and Test Taking

  • create study plans
  • organize information in a structured manner
  • identify potential test questions
  • approach multiple choice, essay and short answer tests
  • supplement learning in between assignments
  • manage time wisely
  • create distraction-free study zones
  • break complicated material down into small pieces that are easier to digest
  • teach material to others, since the best learning happens by teaching
  • use active, rather than passive study techniques
  • harness the power of focused and diffuse studying
  • improve memory and learning capacity with self-care
  • identify their teacher’s instructional and assessment style, and how it impacts test material
  • …and so much more.

Eager to see your student learn study and test-taking skills they can use for life?