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Virtual Tutoring Sessions

Virtual Sessions are now available!

Virtual Tutoring

Virtual Coaching, Remote Coaching, Distance Coaching

These terms are all interchangeable for the ability to have students continue their learning journey from a location of their choice, while being directly connected with one of our highly qualified Educational Coaches.

The Family & Learning Center offers virtual sessions for all Educational Coaching services we provide. This allows students to attend sessions from the safety and comfort of their own home or while traveling anywhere in the world!

How it Works

All remote, or virtual tutoring sessions, are real-time and one-on-one with a specially trained Educational Coach. Students work with the same Educational Coach each session to provide consistency and regularity. Sessions are scheduled on days and times that work best for your family, using your choice of video communication platform (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.).

Through virtual Educational Coaching Sessions, we support students with:

  • Organization and Time Management/ Executive Function Coaching
  • Study and Learning Skill Development applied to their school work
  • Learning Disability Support, including working towards IEP Goals
  • Academic review and enrichment
  • AP Test Preparation
  • SAT and ACT Preparation