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Learning Disability Remediation

The challenges your child has are not uncommon. In fact, The National Center for Education Statistics reports that 6.5 million children ages 3-21 receive special education services—or about 13% of all public school students.

Learning Disability Remediation - student with coachAdditional research has shown 1 in 5 children have a learning and/or attention challenge,  and many students that really need help don’t qualify for special education services, or aren’t receiving the type of learning disability remediation they actually need. The powers that be say it’s because they are doing “good enough.” Meanwhile, the parents that know their child’s potential is being overlooked, remain unheard.

Students with learning disabilities often feel defeated. They are frustrated that their grades don’t reflect their knowledge and they feel like they’re working hard for nothing. Parents of these students are frustrated and sad on their child’s behalf as well as worried about what their future looks like.

The good news? We can help your child shine! Since 1990 The Family & Learning Center has offered a variety of programs for students with learning disabilities. We start with a complimentary consultation to determine the best course of action for each individual student and then work one-on-one with the student to strengthen the areas of challenge that impact them in school and life.

We support students with:Learning Disability Remediation - child with puzzle

Learning Disability Remediation

When remediating learning disabilities, consistency is critical. It takes time to learn new processing skills and to master new learning strategies. That’s why our programs are designed for students to attend sessions four to ten hours per week. For your convenience, we offer learning disability remediation year-round. Some families find it is helpful to start services during their summer break, when they aren’t dealing with the demands of school.

We’re pleased to offer sessions after school as well as on Saturdays. For younger students, or those with flexible schedules, we also offer sessions during typical school hours so the school day doesn’t have to extend into the late afternoon/evening.

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