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Study & Learning Skill Development

When children are taught effective learning strategies, they are equipped to win. Homework becomes manageable. The anxiety that accompanies test-taking is significantly reduced. And comprehension and retention rates begin to soar.

Study & Learning Skill Development - session goals

Unfortunately, many students advance from one grade to the next without ever mastering these critical skills. And by the time they reach high school—right when their grades start to matter most—it shows.

That’s why we invest so much time teaching students of all ages learning and study strategies that help them stay organized, manage their time, understand what they read, express what they know, and much, much more.

Session Goal

Study and Learning Skill Development sessions are designed to help your child understand how to complete school assignments and projects, as well as prepare for tests, while ensuring he/she is learning and understanding the course material. Sometimes homework completion requires more time than we have to spend with them. The good news is, we make sure they leave the learning center with a plan for completing their assignments and studying at home..

Strategic Learning Session Format

During the academic year, students typically attend two to four 50-minute sessions each week for learning skill development. Sessions are usually scheduled after school and/or on Saturdays—depending on what works best with your family’s schedule. We also offer summer sessions to keep kids on track and prepare them for the year ahead so they’re equipped for success on the first day back to school.

Areas of Focus, include, but are not limited to:Study & Learning Skill Development - Strategic Learning Session
We support students enrolled in standard, honors and AP courses including:
  • Writing/English/Literature
  • Math
  • Science
  • History/Social Studies
  • Foreign Language

As with all of our programs, Educational Coaching is custom built around your student’s specific needs and goals.

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