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The Family and Learning Center has been serving families in the La Jolla and surrounding San Diego areas since 1990.

And we’re pleased to say, we’ve got hundreds of raving reviews.
Here are a handful of our favorites:

you all were a large part of her success

I just wanted to let you know that our daughter is attending George Washington University in DC and was accepted into their Milken Institute for Public Health and is pursuing the pre-med track. I want to thank you for all the help you and your team has done - you all were a large part of her success.

Thank you for everything!

Just a short note to say how grateful we were this year to have Alex work with our son at the Family & Learning Center. Alex’s work made a huge difference on our son's progress and success this year. He is overall more confident, better organized, better prepared to face academic challenges.We deeply value Alex’s professionalism as well as his interpersonal skills. We are looking forward to collaborating this summer and next year. Thank you for everything!

Finding TFALC was one of the biggest blessings

"I'm not sure if Alex shared with you our son's ISEE scores, but needless to say he did very well. He got an 8, 7, 7 & 6!! His lowest score was in the 73rd percentile and his highest was the 89th percentile! You know where our child was when we started working with The Family and Learning Center under two years ago. He was barely reading at a first grade level and had never taken a test or participated in main stream academics. I'm not sure any of us could have imagined he could have come so far in such a short amount of time.
I can not thank you, Alex (and Mike) enough for all of your support through this hard fought and hard won journey. You not only helped our child directly, but you were such a support to our family guiding us how to advocate and navigate the art of establishing accommodations. Finding TFALC was one of the biggest blessings our family could have asked for and we absolutely could not have done it without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Parent of a 2nd grade student

“When our daughter was diagnosed with learning differences, we didn’t know where to turn. She needed more than tutoring. She needed to learn how to learn. We are so grateful to have found The Family and Learning Center. We are building the foundation that our daughter needs to be successful in life. She is working on problem solving, brainstorming, pacing herself, and chunking information. We thank her amazing coaches for her progress. Our daughter could easily resist going, but always has a smile on her face when we arrive and leave. The coaches know how to motivate her and keep the content interesting. They are well qualified, caring, and professional. As a mother, I am grateful for the open communication with the coaches and monthly progress reports. I know exactly what my daughter is working on and how she is progressing. She is making great strides and we it’s because of The Family and Learning Center. Thank-you for being AMAZING!"

Freshman at Texas A&M

“There are very few things in my life that I directly point to when I think of all the success I have had.  Without the countless hours of work put in by all my instructors, I would be nowhere close to the person I am today.  I cannot begin to thank all of you enough for giving me the tools and time I needed to reach my dreams.  I sit here in my college dorm room realizing just how lucky I am to have had the dedication of all my instructors.”

12th grade student

“My tutors at TFALC have helped me to carefully analyze and solve math and science problems.  I also learned how to organize the information from reading passages.”

University Professor and Parent

“We’ve had a number of TFALC tutors attend our graduate programs in education and they are consistently among the best students in the class.  Their experience at TFALC has prepared them with a nuanced understanding of literacy and mathematics development and, perhaps more importantly, has helped them recognize that each child has unique needs and gifts.  When my own child needed extra academic support, I turned to TFALC, knowing that he would receive individualized attention in a caring environment.”


“I could not be more pleased with every aspect of The Family & Learning Center.  My son has had astonishing academic improvement over the last year.  He always looks forward to his sessions and has a great attitude about the time he spends here.  I know that my son’s future is brighter as a result of the investment we have all made in this program.”

Parents of a 5th grade student

“Just before the beginning of 5th grade, our son was diagnosed with dyslexia and some visual spatial learning disabilities. We set up an intensive remediation plan with TFALC and by the middle of 5th grade, the change in our son was dramatic! He not only no longer would melt down crying and call himself stupid, but had a newfound confidence in his ability to succeed.  His academic independence was growing and his grades were steadily climbing.  It was like he'd been living in a fog and TFALC was the sunshine removing that fog from his daily life.  We can hardly wait to see the heights of where TFALC takes him next!  We wholeheartedly believe that TFALC is changing the course of our son's life. In our eyes, their work with our son has been truly priceless.”

11th grade student

“Throughout my life, I have struggled with mild dyslexia and reading comprehension.  TFALC has given me the help and skills I need to succeed.”

Parent of a 12th grader

“TFALC has been our guiding light for eight years.  TFALC helped with remediation therapy, school choices, tutoring, support at IEP meetings, and is currently helping us with the transition to college.  We appreciate all that TFALC has done for our family.”

12 year old student

“I came to The Family & Learning Center needing to find a different way to learn.  As I have been coming here I have made amazing progress in reading, writing and critical thinking.  Personally, I would recommend it to any parent whose child is needing a different way to learn.”

Parents of a 3rd grader

“We are very thankful for The Family & Learning Center.  Our son has been able to develop learning skills that have a direct effect on his academic success and self-esteem.  He enjoys every minute spent with his coach.  We, as parents, have learned a few things, too!”

Parent of an 8th grade student

“My daughter has been attending TFALC for over a year now. She started here having difficulties in reading and writing.  I can proudly say my 8th grader has made the Honor Roll.  She has made tremendous strides at school and that is all thanks to TFALC.  TFALC has given her the tools and renewed confidence she needs to be successful in the classroom.  We are immensely grateful to Bonnie, Sandra, and all the staff at TFALC.”

Parent of a 5th grader

“When the homework, test and quiz folder was returned the first month of school, our daughter beamed with pride.  She feels smarter, stronger and loves school this year. A great deal of that is coming from her very positive experience with Stephanie. Thank you TFALC!”

Parents of a 12th grade student

“Thank you for the last nine years. Navigating grade school through high school has been a complicated journey for our family. TFALC helped us every step of the way. Our relationship began many years ago when our son was evaluated. After receiving the test results our child attended TFALC for remediation therapy. Over the years, we have received IEP meeting assistance, years of invaluable tutoring help, assistance when deciding on schools, class schedules, and most recently on the college application process. We never could have managed without TFALC. Our child’s self‐esteem was always of the upmost importance to the staff. Our child was taught to help himself and feel proud of what he was able to accomplish. Finally, our child now has a successful business and will be attending college in the fall. Thank you for everything TFALC. You have been a crucial part of our lives. We will miss you and all of your staff.”

Parent of a 4th grader

"We feel so grateful for our time with TFALC. Our daughter worked with a truly wonderful mentor and coach for 1 ½ years. She thrived and blossomed under his expertise and care. This “specialized help” that she was getting was never something she was delighted to do, but after every session she came away and was happy and I believe empowered. Her coach took her from a child who had great difficulty reading, to a student that was not afraid to read out loud in class and who was able to complete most of her school work independently. After her last session, we celebrated the idea that she had “graduated”, but we both felt sad. Scott and Bonnie and the team at TFALC had been our support and strength as we navigated out daughter’s struggles and triumphs. We most likely will be back for some brush up sessions, but it is so wonderful to know that they are on our daughter’s side and take great pride and interest in her success today and in the future!! Thank you TFALC!”

College Student and Former TFALC Student

“I truly believe that many of my recent successes are largely thanks to the work I did with you, Gavin, and many other coaches throughout my younger years. I could not be more thankful for the help that your team provided me.”

Parent of an 8th grader

“THANK YOU for all the support and inspiration you gave to our son this summer. For the first time, he didn't complain about having to study during his vacations!"

Parents of a 6th grader

“Honestly, words cannot express our thanks to you for all you’ve done for our daughter.  We are so fortunate to be pointed in your direction.  The experience with your group was all we’d hoped for and more! Our daughter is progressing-independently-everywhere and everyone can tell.  She has a future in school and life that just wouldn’t have been possible without The Family & Learning Center.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Parents of a 5th grade student

“A TFALC instructor helped our child achieve excellent test scores on the ISEE! In addition to learning the critical skills necessary to prepare for a standardized exam, she also received personal coaching that boosted her confidence and attitude.  Our child ended up being admitted to some of the most competitive schools in San Diego county, including Bishop’s and Francis Parker.  TFALC has our sincerest gratitude for the role they played in getting her there.”

4th grade teacher

“My student has shown MAJOR improvement in his attitude towards school and getting his work done. I find that he is more on task than off (as before) and he is participating a lot more often. It seems to me that he is developing a lot more confidence as a result of his sessions with you.”

Parent of a 4th grader

“We have had such a positive experience at TFALC.  Our son has improved in his writing over the past few months.  He enjoys the sessions very much.”

Parent of an 11th grader

“Our son has been traveling with his dad for the last two weeks and I have gotten the report that not only is he consumed with reading Tom Sawyer (He has never been consumed with a book in his life), but that he completely notices a difference from all the work he has done in your program.   Just wanted to thank you and all his teachers for helping him.  I am so happy!”

Parents of a 9 year-old student

“Our child could not read!  She was 7 years old and dyslexic.  The school district said she was not eligible for an IEP and they would not retest her until she was 10!  I found TFALC via the Dyslexia Society.  Thanks to the tremendous work of the tutors at TFALC she can now read and write!  The support and help of all the tutors has meant that our child has remained at or above grade lever.  She is a much more confident and capable student.”