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Educational Coaching and Therapy

The Benefits of Educational Coaching at The Family & Learning Center

Our Educational Coaches use a multi-faceted approach during our 1-1 sessions to equip students to reach their full potential in any learning environment. Here’s how:

  • The Coaches learn about the student’s academic, cognitive, and emotional strengths and challenges and integrate this into their work with the student.
  • They customize educational coaching sessions for each child based on his/her unique learning style and the root cause behind their challenge(s).
  • Rather than focusing on one singular outcome (such as raising a grade), they teach their students how to become better learners, both in the classroom and beyond.
  • They complete extensive training in cognitive processing, including learning disabilities.
  • They’re always learning how to integrate new teaching tools and strategies into their coaching sessions during our weekly mastermind meetings with our coaching team and Educational Therapist.
  • They communicate regularly with the child’s parents about the child’s progress, and ways to support the child at home.
  • With parental permission, they work collaboratively with the student’s teachers and other key professionals (such as Psychologists and Speech and Occupational Therapists) to give the child 360 degree support.
  • The learning process centers on teaching students how to learn, not just what to learn.
  •  They integrate Study & Learning Skill Development techniques into every session.
  •  They employ a robust set of multi-sensory and active learning methods.

Sound like something your child could benefit from?

The Difference Between Educational Coaching and Tutoring

At first glance, many parents have trouble discerning the difference between Educational Coaching (under the supervision of an Educational Therapist) and Tutoring. The truth is, while they have a few things in common, they’re actually two very different services.

When your child responds well to traditional teaching methods, is struggling with only one subject in school and the goal is to earn a better grade in just one class, tutoring is likely an appropriate solution.The Difference Between Educational Coaching and Tutoring

However, when your child:

  • struggles to keep up in class regardless of the subject
  • doesn’t seem to respond well to most traditional classroom teaching methods
  • appears to know content one day, but forgets it the next or when taking a test earns poor grades in multiple subjects
  • earns average grades even though they study for hours and put forth their best effort

Educational Coaching under the direction of an Educational Therapist may very well be a better fit.

Student with Educational TherapistAt The Family & Learning Center, all Educational Coaching programs are designed and monitored by Educational Therapist, and the Owner of TFALC, Bonnie Weiss. Each session is facilitated by your child’s Educational Coach, following the strategic direction provided by the Educational Therapist.

Educational Coaching is ideal for students who struggle to perform well in multiple subjects. They often feel overwhelmed, confused, distracted and/or defeated in the classroom and when it’s time to do homework. If they don’t get the help they need soon enough, they’re likely to struggle with apathy and low self-esteem—two problems that can have negative consequences for years to come.