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Educational Coaching

The Family & Learning Center is based in La Jolla, CA.

We teach students how to study in the way that works best for them! They learn how to learn through our unique Educational Coaching approach.

“I get it!”

These are the three words we love hearing more than anything.

And they’re words we hear a lot. Because what we do, works.

To us, there is nothing more fulfilling professionally than seeing our student’s eyes light up with hope and confidence because finally, they’re succeeding academically.  If there’s anything we know, it’s this: when a child feels hopeful and confident, the world is their oyster.

About Educational Coaching - The Family & Learning Center

Here's what we do!

Maybe it’s organization and time management. Maybe it’s poor study skills. Or maybe, it’s a learning disability. It could be a combination of any of these and include a long list of other possibilities. Regardless, we strongly believe the only way to solve the problem is to start at the root cause(s).

Our Educational Therapist personally designs every child’s unique program, in collaboration with the student’s Educational Coach. In addition, our entire staff meets weekly to mastermind learning solutions so that every child is equipped to succeed.

Every Educational Coach on our team spends more than 100 hours completing training provided by our Director/Educational Therapist and Assistant Director. This extensive training covers cognitive processing, learning disabilities, developmental psychology, specialized teaching techniques and curriculums and so much more. In addition, our Educational Coaches meet weekly to mastermind individual student challenges alongside our Director/Educational Therapist and/or Assistant Director. You won’t find this commitment to continuing education anywhere else.

The Family & Learning Center was founded by Dr. Kristine Laverty, a Clinical Neuropsychologist. For five years, Dr. Laverty personally mentored our current owner, Bonnie Weiss, educating her on  neuropsychological intervention for students, before eventually selling her the business in 2005.

We believe a key component to your student’s success is working with an Educational Coach who is a good fit for him/her. That’s why we hand pick the coaches your child works with—always striving to find a perfect fit. We’re committed to creating an environment where students like, know and trust their Educational Coach(es). Because once that rapport is created and students feel good about being here, the sky is the limit.