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Homeschool Support

We are pleased to provide additional support to homeschooling families of all kinds, including those homeschooling privately as well as those partnering with private or public charter schools.

Homeschool SupportHomeschooling families lean on us when they need support mastering reading, writing, math (or all three) as well as when they need to establish and strengthen organizational, time-management and study strategies. In addition, many homeschooling families look to us when they need help navigating the challenges that often accompany learning disabilities and attention disorders.

Homeschool Support

Need us to collaborate with other professionals involved in your child’s education? No problem. We’re happy to connect with your child’s educational advisors, therapist(s), physician(s), and more.

Tailored to accommodate most home schooling family schedules, we offer early home school support sessions five days a week. Eager to get started?