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SAT/ACT Coaching

Knowing the impact an SAT or ACT score has on college admissions, not to mention scholarships, many families seek out our support for SAT/ ACT prep.

Our one-on-one coaching sessions are built around your student’s unique learning style. We purposefully invest time helping students understand their own thought processes, so they can showcase their strengths and compensate for weaknesses during the exam.

How SAT / ACT Coaching WorksHow SAT/ACT Coaching Works

There are 6 powerful components to our SAT/ACT optimal performance program:

  • We introduce your son or daughter to the test format and discuss each section, including the content covered, question types, and the most effective strategies for approaching that section.
  • The student practices applying the strategies they are taught. First, under the guidance of the Educational Coach, and then, independently.
  • When necessary, extra time is spent reviewing reading, writing, and math concepts.
  • Time management techniques are taught and practiced.
  • Educational Coaches make modifications to teaching methods and/or the teaching pace on an as-needed basis.
  • The student monitors his or her current proficiency through discussions with the Educational Coach and the progress checklists that are provided by -the Educational Coach.

Once all 6 components have been addressed, your child will be well-prepared to sit for their exam and perform at their optimal level.

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