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Non-Verbal Learning Disability

When your child is diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability, you may feel very confused because your child is perfectly capable of expressing him/herself verbally and their disability is not even related to their language skills. Surprisingly enough, children with this disability typically have an extensive vocabulary. So…what gives?

Simply put, non-verbal learning disabilities have nothing to do with verbal skills (or lack thereof). They have everything to do with processing visual and spatial information. Common issues include:

  • Difficulty seeing patterns and structureNon-Verbal Learning Disability - common issues
  • Easily getting lost in new places
  • Weak visual-spatial skills
  • Poor visual memory
  • Difficulty identifying key facts and main ideas
  • Weak fine motor skills (i.e. handwriting)
  • Poor balance & coordination
  • Struggles with social skills
  • Trouble collaborating with other students on work
  • Failing to learn from mistakes
  • Difficulty adjusting to change or new environments
  • Difficulty understanding math concepts

Visual-Spatial Processing Disorder

Depending on the specific strengths and challenges of the student, he/ she may be diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disability or as having a Visual-Spatial Processing Disorder. The student’s challenges leave both the child and their parents feeling frustrated, discouraged and confused—especially when they seek out assistance and learn there are very few learning centers or educational therapists who have the training and experience needed to effectively support them.

At The Family & Learning Center, we have developed a curriculum specifically for students who struggle with perceptual reasoning and visual-spatial processing. We use Perceptual Reasoning Training to help students develop a better understanding of their own unique way of learning. We assist them in strengthening their visual perceptual skills and we introduce them to new critical thinking strategies that guide learning and problem-solving tasks. We will also work on strengthening Executive Function Skills that help them stay organized and manage their time more efficiently.

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