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ISEE Coaching

Preparation matters. Especially when students sit for an admission test like the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) for the very first time.

Without proper preparation, highly-intelligent and capable students often find themselves overcome by nerves—especially those with learning disabilities and/or ADHD. Unable to showcase their knowledge under such immense pressure, they perform poorly and risk not being accepted into their school of choice.

ISEE CoachingThat’s where we come in.

We help students prepare for the ISEE using the same principles we use in all of our programs. With an emphasis on strategic learning, our one-on-one ISEE coaching sessions are custom-designed based on the student’s learning style and cognitive strengths and challenges.

Each ISEE coaching student is:

  • Introduced to the format of the test, as well as the content and types of questions for each of the five sections.
  • Taught strategies for approaching the various question types and selecting the best answers.
  • Coached to develop awareness of his or her personal strengths and challenges as they apply to taking the ISEE.
  • Familiarized with what to expect on test day, how to manage their time during the test, and what strategies to implement as they take the test.
  • Given the opportunity to practice extensively, first under the guidance of their Educational Coach, and then independently.
  • Allowed the flexibility to invest more time mastering vocabulary, reading, writing, and math concepts as needed.
  • Encouraged to monitor their proficiency in taking the tests via discussions with their Educational Coach and Progress Checklists written by the Educational Coach.

We aim to make your child’s first experience taking an admission test, a favorable one.