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If you’re like many of the other parents we talk with, you’re worried.

Get started with TFALC in 4 easy steps

Your child isn’t keeping up in class. Teachers are calling you with concerns.  Homework is a nightmare. Your child’s grades don’t reflect the sincere effort they’re putting forth.

Your child is frustrated. And you’re frustrated for them.

We get it. Better yet, we can help.

We’ve created individualized learning plans for every child we’ve worked with since 1990. And once you join our thriving community, we’ll create a plan that meets the unique needs of your child.

To get started with an educational coaching program, complete these four simple steps:

1. Schedule An Appointment
Call us at 858-454-7303 or simply complete this form to schedule a complimentary consultation with the owner of The Family & Learning Center, Educational Therapist, Bonnie M. Weiss, M.Ed.

2. Complete A Complimentary Consultation
For your convenience, our complimentary consultations can be conducted in-person at The Family & Learning Center as well as over the phone.

Depending on your child’s age and the challenges he/she is experiencing, we may suggest that he/she attend the consultation with you.

During the consultation, Bonnie will interview you and/or your child so she can learn about your child’s strengths, challenges, and current academic concerns. Previous school records and/or assessments will be reviewed, along with any other important information necessary to make a recommendation for an individualized learning plan.

Please note: students do not need to have a formal evaluation to enroll in Educational Coaching sessions.

After the consultation, a focus area(s) will be identified and an individualized learning plan created for your child. In some cases, we may:
– recommend that your child complete an informal academic screening – conducted at the center – in order to better cater to his/her unique needs.
– encourage you to have your child complete a Neuropsychological/Psycho-educational Evaluation. Upon request, we’re happy to provide referrals to local psychologists who can assist you.

3. Complete and submit our registration and release of information forms.

4. Begin Educational Coaching
Once an individualized learning plan has been recommended and you’ve submitted a completed registration form to our office, an Educational Coach will be selected and your child’s coaching session schedule will be determined.