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If you feel down and out after a game that you lost or a test that you failed, think about growth mindset. Growth mindset is the belief that you can improve through putting in the time and effort. Relying on the skills you currently have isn’t enough. Someone with growth 
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If you fail, fail forward. Many students put too much emphasis on getting good grades; however, grades aren’t everything. What you learn from the lessons taught in class that are applicable to your life is just as important. Tests and quizzes are just a couple of ways to gauge how 
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Meta-what? Metacognition. Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? If you’re wondering what this word means, trust me you’re not alone. Metacognition is a term we use when coaching students. Even the younger ones. When introducing this concept to students, there are three stages. First, we help our students break up the word and examine each 
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