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TFALC Anniversary

2015 is a special year for The Family & Learning Center, and we’re celebrating with a summer scavenger hunt and an opportunity for a discount on future sessions.

How Did The Family and Learning Center Get Its Name?

Twenty five years ago, Dr. Kristine Laverty saw the need to provide a learning resource for families in San Diego. In 1990, The Family Center of La Jolla, CA expanded its scope and became The Family & Learning Center.

TFALC AnniversaryTFALC Anniversary Celebration

Not only is The Family & Learning Center celebrating its 25th anniversary, but also our Director, Bonnie M. Weiss, M.Ed., is celebrating ten years as owner of TFALC. Bonnie first joined the TFALC team as an Educational Coach in 2000. She went on to become the Lead Educational Coach, and eventually took over the business in 2005.

For the past ten years, Bonnie has been the Director and Educational Therapist for TFALC. She is available to help you understand your child’s evaluation, consult with you when you’re feeling lost in a sea of strange diagnoses, and recommend a variety of methods to help your child succeed.

Student Success

For over two decades, The Family & Learning Center has helped hundreds of students and collaborated with dozens of schools. Our students have used what they have learned in their sessions to sound out words, build confidence, read chapter books, complete college applications (including the essay!), master math concepts, and go on to be successful college students.

Family Support

Over the years, we have watched our students learn and apply strategies with the help of more than raffle tickets and boxes of Goldfish crackers. Our students’ successes also come from the families that we have the pleasure of working with.

We wanted to take a moment to share this history with you and also to thank you all for your support over the years. As part of our anniversary celebration, we will be challenging you to learn more about TFALC. In return, we’ll be providing a discount on upcoming sessions.

Have a great summer!

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