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It’s that time of year when we suddenly have those sunny evenings that quickly lead into summer! Summer is an ideal time for supporting kids’ individual interests and needs, but can also lead to summer brain drain. Outside of the classroom, they are free to learn and play in summer […]
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Every brain is unique. Some brains absorb math facts easily and can recall them at a dizzying speed, but other brains take longer to learn math facts and might start creating a label…“not a math person.” Math fact fluency is an essential aspect of long-term math mastery. Young students pick […]
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Over the years, our Educational Coaches have come up with helpful learning tools to conquer basic math, take good math notes, study and prepare for tests, and even keep track of all the nitty-gritty details included in word problems. Here are four learning tools from our math toolbox for note-taking, order […]
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We recently shared a post containing some math tools to help students with note-taking, order of operations, solving word problems, and working with integers. Today, we are sharing a math tip for how students can use different types of paper to make math more manageable. 1. Lined Paper Lined paper is […]
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There are two types of math people in this world. 1. Those who are good at math. The ones who “get” math. The ones who tried to help me understand parabolas and differentials. 2. Those of us who aren’t. The ones who re-read a word problem seventeen times and still […]
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