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Math Tip: Use Different Types Of Paper

We recently shared a post containing some math tools to help students with note-taking, order of operations, solving word problems, and working with integers. Today, we are sharing a math tip for how students can use different types of paper to make math more manageable.

1. Lined Paper

Lined paper is the old standby for math. Obviously, this is what you’ll find in most notebooks.

Here are a few ways that you can use lined paper to organize math notes and complete homework assignments.

  • Divide your lined paper into different sections: formulas, key terms, examples, steps to solve, etc.
  • Dry a line down the middle of the page, and then use one side for work and the other for solutions.
  • Turn the paper horizontally and use the lines as columns. Columns are great for multiplying larger numbers or adding/subtracting decimals because it helps prevent numbers from losing their place values.

Lined Paper

2. Graph Paper

Graph paper is not just for graphing!

As with lined paper, graph paper can help numbers keep their place values (as described above). Here are a few more suggestions for using graph paper:

  • Use the boxes to keep numbers lined up in long division.
  • Provide a visual for multiplication problems by drawing rectangles.
  • Draw out perimeter and area.
  • Create graphs, charts, and number lines.

3. Dot Paper

Dot paper can function like a two dimensional geo-board, or try one of the following applications:

  • Draw (and compare) geometric shapes.
  • Find lines of symmetry.
  • Take math notes and use the dots as bullet points.

4. Colored Paper

Using different colored paper can also help students organize and visualize what they learn in math class.

  • Use different colors for learning math facts. (example: multiples of 3 = red, multiples of 4 = blue, etc.)
  • Build fractions using different colors to show a whole and its parts
  • If white paper is the only color available, try using colored pens instead.

And now, see some of these paper techniques in action!

(Video by Mike Bitanga)

Math Tip - Use Different Types of Paper

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