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Critical thinking strategies are some of the tools we teach students here at TFALC to improve executive function skills. These strategies help with problem-solving, organization, and self-reflection. Playing board games gives children the opportunity to apply critical thinking strategies and see a direct benefit. You can make the most of […]
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It’s that time of year when many of us enjoy a good scare. We visit haunted houses, dress in creepy costumes, and watch scary movies. What makes something scary? From the Stranger Things TV show to The Conjuring movies, effective horror is always about making connections to the audience and […]
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The critical thinking strategy of paying attention to details is essential for just about anything that you do, and that includes watching movies! The way a film is lit, the angles used, the props within the scenes, the dialogue, and the time spent on certain shots are all vital details […]
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Critical Thinking Strategies Executive Function Skills and Critical Thinking Strategies aren’t just used for academic purposes. They can be used for many other activities, like football, board games, cleaning your room, and escaping a serial killer’s apartment at Escape Game SD. Last week, we had the opportunity to test our […]
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Critical thinking strategies are much more fun to use when they’re introduced in an entertaining way. And what can be more fun than magic? Magic Card Trick Watch as Coach Mike demonstrates how paying attention to details, chunking, and flexible thinking make this card trick happen: If you are curious, here are […]
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Critical Thinking is the process of evaluating and analyzing information in order to solve a problem most effectively and efficiently. Students with a weakness in critical thinking tend to think rigidly or in a disorganized manner. We Teach Critical Thinking Strategies At The Family & Learning Center, students are taught […]
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