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5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is a part of human nature. Everyone procrastinates every now and then. Living in a world booming with technology makes procrastination even more common than ever before. It’s easy to get lost in a video of a cat trying to fit into a tiny jar and ignore a report you should’ve started 30 minutes ago. In order to overcome procrastination, using strategies is important.

5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Know Why You Procrastinate

To conquer a bad habit, you must learn about it. People procrastinate because they do not want to do a task. When the unwanted task is brought it up, the brain associates it with pain. Yes, pain! At that moment, a person will typically divert off the path of doing the task and move on to one that is more interesting. However, that feeling of pain only lasts for a few minutes. That means if you start the unwanted task, the false feeling of pain goes away after a brief amount of time, and you’ll be in the zone.

Block Times to Work

Using Google Calendar or a physical planner is simple, yet effective. Getting more specific in terms of what time you’ll do your work is even better. Anything that distracts you should be out of sight during the scheduled work time. During this time, you can even use website blockers or put your phone in another room. Follow through with tasks you need to complete for the day. Make a list in your planner and cross each task off as you get them done so that you can see your progress.

Define Your Reason

There is a reason for everything, even geometric proofs! It may not be a clear, applicable reason, but there is one. This helps for tasks that seem pointless. Take some time to find a reason to do the work. Maybe the task allows you to build your patience and problem-solving skills. Perhaps it will allow you to improve your flexibility. No matter what the task, there is a reason for doing it. At times you’ll need to dig deep for the reason, but it’s there.

Use Incentives to Overcome Procrastination

Motivate yourself to complete the task by using incentives to get you through it. Incentives allow you to feel the satisfaction of earning a reward. Try not to make it a snack or beverage because those are essential needs for quality thinking. It must be something you enjoy. Tasks that need to be done should be prioritized first. This will help you avoid the feeling of guilt and allow you to be more productive overall.

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