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Growth Mindset

If you feel down and out after a game that you lost or a test that you failed, think about growth mindset. Growth mindset is the belief that you can improve through putting in the time and effort. Relying on the skills you currently have isn’t enough. Someone with growth mindset will have no limits because they believe they can always evolve into something more.

Growth Mindset - boy on ladder

Successful People Use Growth Mindset

Some of the most successful people have gotten to where they are because of growth mindset. Take Michael Jordan for instance. He was cut from his high school basketball team, but he didn’t quit after that failure. He worked on the weaknesses in his game to improve, and made the team the following year. Jordan consistently turned his weaknesses into strengths, and the rest is history.

Best Teacher

Failing is part of life. It’s one of the best teachers, if you’re willing to listen and learn. What sets successful people apart from others is that they learn from their failures. It’s not about how many times you’re defeated, but how many times you get up. Growth mindset is all about learning through failure, and turning weaknesses into strengths.

  • Use metacognition to reflect on what went right and wrong
  • Be flexible with your study plan and adjust it until it works
  • Study the concepts or lessons you have the most trouble with more often

Talent isn’t Enough

Someone that does not have a growth mindset will rely on the skills and talents they already have. Change and evolution are not on their radar, holding them back from evolving. Not all skills come naturally, so you work hard to get those skills. Even if you’re naturally talented at something, putting in hard work to improve that talent will make you even better. So, don’t be content with what you already have because you can always grow.

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