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Supporting Students through Virtual Tutoring


Supporting Students through Virtual Tutoring

Supporting Students through Virtual Tutoring

The sudden changes that have uprooted our lives over the past three weeks present many challenges. Parents are faced with the task of working from home, while at the same time supporting their children with distance learning and independent study. Families are all working through a steep learning curve, trying to figure out unfamiliar technology, new daily routines, and how to support their children’s education. 

The Family & Learning Center is here to help! We’re excited to share that we’ve had an extremely successful transition to virtual Educational Coaching sessions, and that despite the coronavirus pandemic, we are continuing to provide high quality, individualized academic support to students age five through adult. 

Remote Tutoring for Course Content and Executive Functioning 

Through our remote tutoring/ Educational Coaching sessions, we continue to support students in developing new learning tools and strategies. Although students will continue with the same courses they were taking in school, the structure and amount of independent study required will likely be different in the distance learning model. Our Educational Coaches are equipped to support students with course content from early elementary through AP classes. Another big change we anticipated for our students is the increased demands on executive function skills. Students are now required to log-in to multiple learning platforms, keep up with daily and weekly assignments, as well as manage an unfamiliar and varying class schedule. During virtual tutoring sessions, Educational Coaches will help students develop their executive skills by teaching them tools and strategies for staying organized and managing their time.

Learning Disabilities and AD/HD intervention through Virtual Tutoring 

Many of the families we work with are concerned about how their children with learning disabilities and AD/HD will be supported through distance learning. As the schools work to figure this out, through distance tutoring sessions, The Family & Learning Center can support students in working towards their IEP goals, as well as provide recommendations for assistive technology and accommodations that can be implemented at home.

Distance Tutoring for High School Students 

The Family & Learning Center is also here to support our high school students who are faced with many changes and unknowns during this time. Through distance tutoring sessions, we can provide customized and individualized support for AP Exam preparation, SATs, and ACTs. Our team is staying up to date with all of the latest developments regarding these exams, and are here to guide our students through these uncertain times.

Contact us Today 

Visit our website for more information about our one-on-one, real-time virtual tutoring sessions, or contact us at 858-454-7303 to schedule a complimentary consultation. We’re here to help make this challenging time easier for you and your child!



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