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TFALC Students and Educational Coaching

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What is Educational Coaching all about?

It’s about teaching our students how to learn so they can be successful. The skills and strategies we teach make it easier for students to understand concepts for subjects like reading and math. They are more organized. They finish homework faster and more effectively. They improve test scores. Students are successful because they improve their learning abilities.

Why do our students like coming to sessions?

It’s about building rapport and connecting on a personal level so they trust us to teach them the strategies they need. Our students find their sessions fun because we let them be themselves. Their Coaches are good teachers who are easy to understand. We individualize our strategies and our approach based on what works for them.

How do we know this?

We asked them! Watch a few students tell you what they think Educational Coaching is all about.

Are you still deciding if Educational Coaching is right for you? Want to hear more feedback? See our Raving Reviews or watch our Educational Coaching team read Family Feedback letters!

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