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TFALC Educational Coaching Reviews: Family Feedback

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At The Family & Learning Center, we are privileged to work with amazing students and their families. They trust us to make a difference in their learning and education.

Educational Coaching teaches students the skills and strategies they need to become successful learners. Students learn how to learn, with tools that they can apply to reach their potential in any educational situation.

Educational Coaching Reviews

Over the years we have received letters, emails, and cards from our students and parents about their positive experiences with Educational Coaching. They talk about how students are more confident and capable, with the tools they need for their future. Listen to their responses as read by our Director, Bonnie Weiss, the Educational Coaches, and our Office Manager.

Are you still deciding if Educational Coaching is right for you? Want to hear more feedback? Read our Raving Reviews or watch this video directly from TFALC Students!

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