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School’s Out for Summer, Now What?

School’s Out for Summer, Now What?

Although summer can be a great time to take a break from the daily grind of the school year, it is still important to maintain a routine at home. In their blog post “How Not To Go Crazy With Your Kids Home This Summer,” Coffee and Carpool suggests 6 things to do every summer day. If school’s out for summer, now what can parents do to keep their children in a routine?

These suggestions are so much more than just ways to keep your children busy. Through these activities your children will be developing valuable and lifelong skills.

  • Learning Time and Reading Challenges keep your child’s brain engaged and prevent summer slide.
  • Morning Structure and Chores help build and reinforce executive functioning skills.
  • Free play and Fun help foster creativity, strengthen social skills, and provide the opportunity to try new things.

Click here to read the full blog from Coffee and Carpool, and learn how to keep your sanity this summer while helping your child build critical skills.

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