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Reading Tips (From A Special Guest)

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In this post, a special guest presents three reading tips to help with:

  • Reading fluency
  • Organization of ideas
  • Comprehension

Meet our guest, Chewbacca!

(Video by Mike Bitanga.)

Let’s take a closer look at Chewie’s reading tips.

1. Read out loud.

Reading out loud helps with reading fluency. By reading out loud, you are more likely to catch any mistakes that could change the meaning of the text.

As you read, you might hear yourself say something that doesn’t quite make sense. But because you said it out loud, you’re more likely to go back and re-read that section more carefully and gain a better understanding of the passage.

Reading out loud might seem a little silly at first, but if a Wookiee can do it, then you should give it a try too.

2. Chunk.

Learning Tools - Reading Tips (from a wookie)Chunking is a reading strategy where you break up a large amount of text into smaller sections, usually a paragraph.

Placing a sticky note at the end of each “chunk” gives you a visual clue to stop and think about what you just read. You can also jot down notes about the main idea of the section, key terms, or questions you have about the material on the sticky notes. Then, use your notes to create a study guide, section summary, or flashcards.

3. 5Ws + H.

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Asking these questions as you read will improve your understanding of the text – especially when combined with Chunking. Knowing the who, what, where, when, why, and how also helps  develop a strong summary of the text.

You can use sticky notes for the 5 Ws strategy, too. As you read, when you answer one of the W questions, write down the important detail on a sticky note or in your notebook.

Thanks, Chewie!

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