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Never Settle for “Just Average”

Never Settle for “Just Average”

In his recent blog post, “Where There’s Smoke…” Dr. Selznick shares a story that is all too familiar to our learning center.

Our staff frequently meets with parents who express that they have had concerns about their child’s learning for several years, but have been repeatedly told by teachers that their child is “doing fine” at school, or their scores are “just average.”

Often times, it isn’t until the child is significantly behind that the parents begin seeking support outside of school.

At The Family & Learning Center, we listen carefully to the concerns expressed by parents and help them determine the best course of action to help their child succeed, whether that is with support at our center or from another trusted professional in a related field. You should never settle for “just average” in your child’s education!

You can read Dr. Selznick’s blog here: http://shutdownlearner.com/where-theres-smoke/

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