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Finals Preparation: Trusted Exam Tips

Finals Preparation: Trusted Exam Tips

The first semester is coming to a close. As many students begin finals prep, here are some trusted tips to help students finish their semester off strong.

  1. Make a plan – It is important that students create a study schedule and stick to it. It is as easy as writing in a planner or creating a list, allocating study time for each subject. This promotes spaced studying and deters procrastination and stress.
  2. Don’t forget about sleep – Busy students might find themselves sacrificing sleep for extra study time. Many exams focus on knowledge of facts, events and data which is stored in the brain as declarative memories. According to Sleep Deprivation and Cognition (2019), sleep deprivation can lead to impairments of retrieval of declarative memories. It is imperative that students feel well rested before an exam.
  3. Prepare the study space – Getting into the right mindset to study can be difficult with distractions. Putting the phone on silent mode and finding a quiet place to study are simple but effective ideas. In addition, students should have printed materials and other needed supplies ready on hand and set daily goals leading up to the exams.
  4. Use all resources available – Many students forget that past quizzes and tests are the best tools for review. In addition to power points, lesson pages and notes provided by teachers, students can use online videos or websites such as Khan Academy to help facilitate studying.
  5. Don’t study alone! Get extra help – Whether its help from friends, a teacher, a mentor or tutor, working with others will help students to solidify concepts and collaborate effectively.

Remember, preparing for tests and quizzes does not come naturally for all students. The earlier that students learn how to study, the more equipped they are for success in college. For more information on essential study skills taught by the Educational Coaches at The Family & Learning Center, call us at 858 -454-7303 or send us an email.

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