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The Benefits of Personalized ACT and SAT Preparation

The Benefits of Personalized ACT and SAT Preparation

When it comes to students preparing for college applications, higher scores on the ACT and SAT usually mean a greater chance of being accepted into a college or university. Although there are many other aspects that colleges consider for admission, it is imperative that students perform well on these tests.

Having a personalized plan for preparing for these tests is critical for helping a student meet his/her goals. The following are some of the benefits of personalized ACT and SAT preparation for college bound teens.

Motivation and Student Needs

Not all students are motivated to study on their own. ACT and SAT preparation may be daunting for a student that already has a full course load at school. A strong preparation program will provide structure and accountability to support the student with studying outside of tutoring sessions. The student can also use this opportunity to learn how to manage his/her study time wisely.

Individualized test prep caters to a student’s unique needs. A personalized program can help identify challenges and work to improve areas in which a student struggles. A tutor is also an excellent study resource and can help a student understand concepts that are new or unfamiliar. The focused instruction helps a student improve their knowledge of specific content areas without the student having to learn the material on their own.

A solid test preparation curriculum helps a student identify mistakes and how to avoid them in the future. An individualized program can help a student identify ways in which they should adapt their studying method to reach their target score. Many students do not fully review incorrect answers and fail to understand their mistakes. A tutor can teach effective ways to learn from mistakes by providing concrete examples and help a student figure out which approaches are most effective for approaching specific types of questions.

Individualized ACT and SAT Preparation

An individualized program can help a student measure and monitor progress and teach other important skills. It is pretty common for a student to take multiple practice tests to boost his/her score. A tutor can help a student adapt his/her study plan with each practice test in order to reach the target score. Furthermore, a tutor can also teach methods to help students pace themselves under pressure and stress.

The Family & Learning Center provides Educational Coaching to assist college bound students with ACT and/or SAT preparation. TFALC’s individualized approach ensures that each student’s program is customized to meet individual goals and that all learning needs are addressed.

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